Here are a list of frequently asked questions we often get from prospective customers.

No credit checks? Are you sure?

We run no credit checks. That is why even though you have bad credit, we can secure a phone contract for you.

So everyone with a bad credit record I will secure a contract?

We wish we could give everyone with bad credit a mobile phone and in most cases we can. If we cannot help you, we can advise you on the best way to increase your credit rating, helping you to acquire a contract in the future. Rest assured, each application is assessed thoroughly. We look at a number of factors when we do this including your needs and your budget.

Is a guarantor necessary?

No guarantors are required when applying for a mobile phone through us. We will need proof of income and proof of address, however. This allows us also to guide you when you select the type of contract you will enter into.

What happens if I am struggling to pay each month?

Should you have any problems making your monthly payments, it is imperative that you get into contact with us as soon as possible. We will try to make an arrangement for you that will suit both parties. Never miss a payment. Not only will you incur penalties, but your credit score will fall even lower.

Can I exchange my mobile phone?

We allow you to exchange your mobile phone if you do find a problem with it. It needs to be exchanged in seven days. If something goes wrong with your phone after seven days, we will have it sent away for repairs and give you a replacement phone that you can use until yours is returned. Please note, the replacement phone may not be the exact model you used, but it will be a smartphone with all of the same capabilities.

If you lose your mobile phone at any point, we are not responsible, and we cannot at any time give you a replacement or offer you a refund for a lost phone. The best way to ensure that your phone is safe is to have it insured for a very minimal cost per month.